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Wellness- & Spa-Hotel Ermitage
Dorfstrasse 46
3778 Schönried ob Gstaad
Tel:+41 33 748 04 30

Hotel Ermitage

Just entering our hotel is a special experience. Because your view is drawn right into the beautiful world of the mountains through the two-storey high panoramicwindow in the reception hall. You can feel the magic of this special place, the peace and power of nature, which will not only have a positive affect on the outside of you. Even the complex itself is to be experienced… through the singular panorama window front of our Wellness Oasis, on the sun terrace of your room, or also by the wood, which gives the rooms in our chalet resorts the authentic charm of Saanenland. One thing is immediately clear to you: “I am going to experience a unique form of relaxation here.”

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Gstaad is a village near Bern in south Switzerland. It's a well known ski resort of about 3000 inhabitants. It's one of the best ski resorts in the Alps. The weather is perfect for people who adore winter sports and landscapes full of snow.

Gstaad belongs to the municipality of Saanen. We must note here that the first ski school in Gstaad open in 1923

Gstaad hotels are famous for their style. They offer a high quality of services, in order to ensure the best accommodation to their guests.

Gstaad is a popular travel destination in Europe, attracting many thousands of visitors.


Our portfolio of Gstaad hotels, offers a full range of excellent facilities and features to ensure the best accommodation during your stay.

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Gstaad Hotel
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